SEO For Technology Companies

SEO For Technology Companies

Search engines, especially Google, have a significant role in our lives. Search engines are one of the main ways to find information and solve our daily problems (besides social media). We also use them to find out about new brands, products and services.

The number of people using search engines is rapidly increasing. More than 3.5 billion search queries are asked of search engines every day.

The search engine results page (SERP) has greatly transformed since the internet began. Where once we only got links to sites, now the search engine results page has become more interactive, with results ranging from enhanced snippets to inserts from Google maps.

Search engine optimization is important for almost every industry. SEO is an effective way to get noticed in a saturated market where everyone has a voice (or rather, creates noise). SEO is even more important for IT and technology companies than ever before.

Three main reasons of the Importance of SEO Services for Tech Companies:

First Reason: Most of your competitors already know about search engine optimization and have a strong online presence. You're in the big leagues, and the competition gets even tougher with time.

Second Reason: Your potential customers tend to be tech-savvy. They expect more from your content. And you won't be able to use "gray-hat" SEO tactics long and successfully to rank higher thanks to poor quality over-optimized texts. Potential customers will notice that your content is not well developed and will rush to the competition.

Third Reason: Being not prepared for the new Google updates your website

remains out of the competition and loses its potential for the future.

SEO Services For Tech Companies: Tasks and Goals

All Strategic SEO For Technology Companiesshould result in:

In order to get new customers from Google search, you need to properly work on your site: to make it convenient and UX-friendly, understandable, to eliminate all the technical errors that prevent users from ordering a service or product, as well as engage in its search engine optimization. Last but not least - it is better to trust experts who already have experience in promotion, including, in your niche.

SEO For Technology Companies: Importance of Technical SEO for Big Websites of Technology Companies:

Websites presenting technology companies, especially SaaS & PaaS solutions, usually contain a lot of pages that demonstrate with details all types of integrations and the big variety of software technologies supported and provided by the companies. Usually most big websites are not tailored in a SEO-friendly way at the very beginning of their creation, therefore they contain a lot of Technical SEO issues, which impact crawlability and indexability of the site badly.

Below you can see the list of the most widespread technical SEO problems:

SEO For Technology Companies: Core Web Vitals Issues on Big and Large Websites.

After the roll-out of the new Core Web Vitals algorithm by Google the picture has changed very drastically for those websites that had very low speed scores, because the main goal of this algorithm is to filter websites that create bad user experience due to slow or delayed visualization of the main content elements.

There are three main metrics measured by the Core Web Vitals:

Core Web Vitals issues with the above metrics, collected from Chrome User Experience reports and usually look the following way in Google Search Console:

Google Search Console - Core Web Vitals Issues

SEO For Tech Companies: Server Performance of Big Technical Websites

Analyzing the crawlability of a big site you often need to check server logs to see whether Google Bots have smooth technical experience with the server and make sure that there are nor issues during each crawl session. 

Sites with many pages, especially pages with dynamically updated content (like events and statistics), usually have a higher crawl demand and crawl rate, so Google’s infrastructure will send more requests to find new or updated content on such pages. If your server can’t perform properly on high loads, this can result in “Service Temporarily Unavailable” 503 error, which can cause indexing issues.

Make sure that your server is ready to friendly welcome GoogleBots at any time!

SEO For Technology Companies: Importance of Proper On-Page SEO Setup for Big Websites of Technology Companies

Proper on-page optimization of gib tech websites is also of great importance. 

Let’s review a common case with duplicate or poorly optimized meta data (Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions) on the products, solutions or integrations pages with very similar content. I.e. most part of the content of these pages is the same (like: common HTML blocks and banners shared across all site pages, big footer content often containing a section with Terms and Conditions description or general information about the company). 

While the unique part of the page content related to the description of each solution is very small, like a couple automatically generated sentences including the name of the solution and some tech data about it. All this usually means low quality, poor or duplicate content for Google. 

Try to cover as many high-volume and low-volume keywords as possible. When working on an organic promotion strategy, your goal is to reach as many high and low-volume keywords as possible.

As a rule, if you use only high-volume keywords, it will be more difficult for you to get to the first pages of search results because of the high competition. Using low-volume keywords will make it easier. We advise using both varieties of keywords in your strategy - this will help increase your online presence.

Low-volume queries will provide a quick jump in organic traffic. But high-volume queries will bring results in the long term.

A successful SEO campaign for a Tech Company requires in-depth keyword analysis for all main sections of the website - this will help to build the niche authoritativeness of your web resource. You can split the keywords into volume clusters: the volume of some queries may be as high as 120,000 or higher, and some as low as 50 or lower. Starting with low- and mid-volume keywords you can index your website and once starts winning good rankings you can expand the On-page SEO strategy to higher volume keywords.

This can be reported in Google Search Console as Duplicate without user-selected canonical:

Google Search Console - Duplicate without user-selected canonical

Such issues have a big impact on the indexing and ranking potential of the website, its SEO power in general and page rank on unique URL level, and finally the search traffic it gets from Google.

Domain authority and page content rating can be impacted very badly if the On-page SEO setup is not done properly and Google already reports issues as described above. This requires an immediate fixing and site re-indexing.

Let’s review the Most Useful and Relevant SEO Tips For Tech Companies!

Grab Our In-house SEO Checklist:

Technical SEO Analysis of the site:

Technical analysis allows you to identify implicit problems, errors in the code, site structure, linking, duplicate content or meta tags, to find unoptimized, or broken pages. Technical audit is the most important stage of site promotion. He should be one of the first and it should be repeated periodically, analyzing the results of all stages of promotion.

Competitors and Niche SEO Analysis for Tech Companies:

Analysis of the current state of the market - this is the starting point for the development of your business. Without this stage, there is a risk of investing money, time and effort in something that turns out to be unclaimed. Then you will not be able to count on the expected profits and results.

Keyword Analysis, Semantic Research:

The semantic core is a database of keywords and phrases that users enter into search engines when searching for relevant information or products. In terms of business, the semantics of the site is a set of phrases that are used to promote sites.

Uploading SEO-optimized content describing Company Products and Services:

In addition to the formation of a general list of keywords and their grouping, it is also required to work with LSI-phrases and additional words that will help for the. Our specialists create technical tasks for writing optimized content, which will occupy the top of your Tech company.

Building a Thorough SEO Content Strategy:

Using our successful experience of promotion of IT-businesses we form a strategy for maximum rapid results in SEO.

SEO For B2B Tech Companies - Is it different from B2C?

The IT sector is growing strongly each year. Many IT Companies manage to resist the crisis, some with innovative methods, some with Internet advertising, but few realize that by investing in professional seo services for tech companies they can permanently increase their revenues through customers who have come to them through Google search.

All B2B Tech Companies without their own site, probably, can no longer be found. Nevertheless, not all B2B Tech Companies can provide a site that is ready to be promoted. This applies both to its structure, completeness and literacy of the text content, and SEO optimization. This aspect affects both the current visibility of the site for search engines and the timing of the promotion of the web resource of the IT company.

Currently, 75% of B2B Tech Companies invest in seo services and search engine marketing. A slightly less popular Internet marketing tool is contextual advertising. As a result, due to the high level of competition, the promotion of the Tech company website to high positions in Google or other search engines is not an easy task and, of course, requires financial investments.

No matter what your particular aims are, nowadays the best solution is to use modern opportunities, including creation and promotion of the site, online advertising and other marketing tools. Thus, the creation and promotion of the web resource of B2B Tech Companies is in great demand.

It is clear to all of us that for a company in the information technology sector, having a website means more than a passport for a person abroad. The internet today is the best source of new customers that has long been known to every IT business owner. At the same time, promoting a B2B Tech Company's website is quite a difficult issue, as this environment is very competitive and market leaders have long realized all the advantages of being in the TOP of search engines and do not want to share their high positions with others.

In other words, most managers don't share that they make a good use of professional SEO services for tech companies, but they already realized the contribution of SEO to the growth of their companies!

SEO Tips For B2B Tech Companies. Brief SEO Checklist:

1. Carry out a technical analysis of the site.

Check whether the site meets the requirements of Google, whether it has technical errors.

Use Screaming Frog SEO Spider for this purpose.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider
2. Prepare a detailed tech guide for the developer to fix all tech issues.

If during the analysis errors are still identified, draw up terms of reference for their elimination. Check after the implementation of changes.

3. Carry out a thorough semantic analysis.

Carry out collection of keywords on the structure of the site, expand the collected kernel of keys, determining the prospects for development of the project.

4. Make a detailed SEO strategy broken into phases.

Work out a full SEO strategy for the project, as well as backlink strategy.

5. Analyze competitors and their SEO techniques.

Study the sites of competitors, their link profiles and strategies to identify solutions that have led them to the top.

6. Execute external optimization & Get more natural backlinks.

Improve the backlink profile by publishing materials on the verified resources.

7. Carry out monthly and quarterly analysis.

Making an itemized report on the work done. We present it to the customer through Zoom or in person.

8. Identify the reasons of traffic growth or traffic drop.

Planning allows you to set goals and define the next strategy based on the competition data and the SEO power of the optimized site, but this doesn't guarantee the exact numbers in growth. Therefore you need to analyze the progress and understand the impact of the SEO actions you've taken.

9. Adjust your SEO stratgey.

Based on your SEO achievements you need to constantly improve your strategic and tactical approaches to grow your search traffic.

10. Always look for new SEO opportunities.

SEO is a never-stopping process, you can always find new ooportunities to grow your seaqrch traffic via improving existing content or creating new.

SEO For Technology Companies: SEO For Software Companies

First of all, let's understand the difference between a Software company and other IT companies. Can any company that uses computer technology in its business be called a Software company?

A Software company is a company that develops, tests, implements, sells and/or supports Software products or services (SaaS).

A Software product is a set of solutions designed for use directly by the consumer or for incorporation into various IT systems. Such Software products can be sold or leased to the consumer.

As you can see, not every IT company is a Software company. For example, it's one thing if you use technologies for your business, but it's another thing if you develop and provide service support for a software product. In this case, such businesses are categorized as Software companies.

We've already understood the importance of seo services for tech companies.

Should all Software Companies choose either PPC, Influencer marketing, SEO or PR? This is not a difficult question, the answer to which is - they should do all of the above, based on the marketing budget, including SEO as a long-term strategy.

What are the main criteria of effective SEO for Software Companies?

The SEO goals must be: specific, achievable, meaningful and measurable. Focusing on these indicators, we will set the following SEO goals for any Software company:

What are the methods to promote a Software Company and what goals to set?

The basis of SEO for Software companies (and virtually any B2B Tech Company) on the Internet is content, and then its distribution. In this case, the "content" is not only articles, but also videos, speeches, content on landing pages, etc. When this part of the work is streamlined, you can usefully involve SEO, PPC and other options of digital marketing.

SEO for Software companies, in the end, comes down to attracting new customers for the company or its product.

SEO for SaaS Companies – Get New Ideas and Don’t Forget the Old Rules!

What is a SaaS Company? SaaS is a model for licensing software on a subscription basis. SaaS stands for “software as a service”, or “information as a service”. SaaS is most often a cloud-based solution, i.e. it resides on servers on the Internet.

What is B2B SaaS? Any services that a business needs for work and are purchased on a subscription basis. For example, analytical tools, contextual advertising management services, call tracking, virtual PBX.

SEO for PaaS Companies – Focus on the quality Tech Content for your clients!

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a type of service that describes a software platform that is rented or delivered as an integrated solution, solution stack or service over an Internet connection. More generally, a solution stack can deliver an OS, middleware, database, or application.

Biggest Challenges of SEO for Tech Companies

 1. Technical SEO Analysis and finding alternative solutions as workarounds of the technical limitations of the CMS or website engine

Very often the best Tech SEO solution can’t be implemented because backend code logic requires complete changing of the App architecture and concept, very often it is the case with Single Page Applications when UI content is fully or heavily dependent on Javascript. 

In such cases you need to find a workaround solution which will do the required SEO impact and fit technically into the backend App logic. This involves quite a lot of time in investigations and discussions with the Technical teams.

2. Technical SEO Analysis and finding alternative solutions as workarounds of the technical limitations of the CMS or website engine

When working with a Scrum team, fixing SEO issues depends on the sprint planning and other business priorities. 

Big Tech Companies that operate mostly online usually have many new App features in demand in order to improve Conversion Rate, work with different segments of the existing customer audience and help for the further growth of the business by developing unique competitive solutions for their users. 

Unfortunately, SEO priorities can be shifted to the next sprint or sprints due to other business goals.

3. Indexing of Important SEO landing pages, where you can’t generate a lot of content

A large site always contains a huge number of pages with similar structure and small pieces of content on them, which makes problems indexing them.

For such projects, we use a large number of pages to transfer internal static weight to the main pages being promoted. For this task, together with the client’s IT team we implemented several types of linking on the site and the linking management system in the SEO – admin panel.

Each internal link transmits static and anchor weight. Using a large set of pages can also manage the indexing of the site, showing the way to the robot PS pages that are not in the index of the PS.

The issue of indexing should also be approached from the perspective of developing the correct site structure and nesting levels of pages.

4. Improving website structure and URL taxonomy

In many cases, when doing SEO for Tech Companies you face a situation when the website structure and URL taxonomy are not SEO friendly, especially when it comes to SPA (Single Page Application) or another website engine which uses parameters or other characters as URL delimiters

In this situation you get a lot of SEO troubles with canonicalization, content duplication, low content, and no popper hierarchy in the website structure

As we all know short semantic URLs are much better than a random number of symbols and numbers used for the URL string

Very often in order to fix them it is required to rewrite a big piece of the backend code including the functions and the structure of the database

Another challenge can arise when it comes to redirect all old URLs to the new semantic URLs. Redirection rules with query parameters sometimes result in redirect loops or undesired redirection of the canonical URLs.

For a project operating in multiple search queries and a huge number of pages (type of SaaS solutions and integrations, web technologies and their combined application) in the product base, it is necessary to determine the sequence of optimization of sections, taking into account important indicators for the business:

5. Technical and Content Creation Resources for multiple Important SEO focuses
 Covering broad semantics with quality content and high industry expertise

For a big technology project, it is impossible to collect good semantics from the initial keyword research. Semantics should be collected monthly by category priority. First of all, perform internal SEO optimization (title, description, H1ーH3 tags, content) for pages with the highest potential, in terms of search intent and revenues.

One of the biggest challenges of SEO for Tech Companies is copywriting. Organizing and setting up an in-house content department ー is the first thing to do. Experience shows that inexpensive texts from unproven freelancers can result in low quality of the content, more time spent by SEO specialists (time that could be spent on other tasks of the project) on proofreading and explaining to executors why they should write texts according to the content plan and not otherwise.

In addition to working on the semantics, you have to constantly look for new semantic clusters and sub-clusters to further grow your niche authoritativeness.

Additional SEO Tips for PaaS Tech Companies:

SEO for IaaS Companies: Be Creative, Develop and Test New SEO Strategies!

What does Integration as a Service (IaaS) mean?

Integration as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud service model for providing integration services between different data sources and the applications that access them. It enables the use of cloud platforms or services to connect an enterprise and allow it to collaborate its internal IT systems and applications with one or more remote/external IT environments.

Main SEO Work for IaaS Projects – improving old tactics with new ideas:

Why Tech Companies Websites need SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Tech companies need search engine optimization (SEO) because it helps them to improve their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and drive more targeted traffic to their website. By optimizing their website and online presence for relevant keywords, tech companies can increase the chances of their website appearing at the top of SERPs when potential customers search for products or services related to their industry. This can lead to more website visitors and potential leads, which can ultimately result in increased sales and revenue. Additionally, SEO can help to establish a tech company as a reputable and authoritative source in their industry, which can further enhance their credibility and reputation among potential customers.

Why is Technical SEO Important For Tech Companies ?

Technical SEO is important for tech companies because it helps to ensure that their website is properly optimized for search engines to crawl and index. This can have a significant impact on their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and ultimately drive more targeted traffic to their website.

Some of the key technical SEO elements that are important for tech companies include:

  1. Website structure: A well-structured website with a clear hierarchy and logical navigation makes it easier for search engines to crawl and understand the content on your site.
  2. Mobile-friendliness: With the increasing number of mobile users, it is important for tech companies to ensure their website is mobile-friendly and responsive to different device sizes.
  3. Website speed: A fast-loading website can improve user experience and also help to boost search engine rankings.
  4. Security: A secure website (HTTPS) can help to protect user data and also boost search engine rankings.
  5. Sitemaps and Robots.txt: These files can help to guide search engines through your website and understand which pages should be indexed.
  6. Structured data: Structured data (such as can help to communicate important information about your website to search engines, such as the type of content, reviews, ratings and other information that can be used to enhance your visibility in SERP.

By properly optimizing these technical elements, tech companies can help to improve their search engine rankings, drive more targeted traffic to their website, and ultimately increase their revenue.

How Much does SEO For Tech Companies cost?

The cost of SEO for tech companies can vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the company, the competitive landscape in their industry, and the specific services they require. Here are a few examples of how the cost of SEO can vary:

  1. Small Businesses: For small businesses, the cost of SEO can range from $500 to $3,000 per month. This typically includes basic keyword research, on-page optimization, and ongoing monitoring and reporting.
  2. Medium-sized Businesses: For medium-sized businesses, the cost of SEO can range from $3,000 to $10,000 per month. This typically includes more advanced keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and ongoing monitoring and reporting.
  3. Large Enterprises: For large enterprises, the cost of SEO can range from $10,000 to $50,000 per month or more. This typically includes advanced keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, content creation, and ongoing monitoring and reporting, as well as customized and advanced SEO strategies for their specific needs.

It's worth noting that the cost of SEO may also vary depending on the location of the company and the service provider they choose. It's always recommended to request quotes from multiple providers and compare the services and prices before deciding which provider to work with.

It's also important to note that SEO is an ongoing process, so the cost of SEO is typically an ongoing expense that should be budgeted for on a regular basis.

Best Summary of Digital Strategy along with SEO For Tech Companies

  1. Optimize your website for relevant keywords: Research the keywords that potential customers may use to find your products or services, and incorporate them into your website's content and meta tags.
  2. Create high-quality content: Develop informative and engaging content that addresses the needs and questions of your target audience.
  3. Build backlinks: Reach out to other websites and ask them to link to your site. The more high-quality websites that link to yours, the higher your site will rank in search results.
  4. Make your site mobile-friendly: With the increasing number of mobile users, Google has started to penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly.
  5. Use social media: Create profiles on social media platforms and post regularly to promote your website and engage with your audience.
  6. Use Analytics: Use tools like Google Analytics to track your website's traffic and performance, so you can identify areas that need improvement.
  7. Optimize for voice search: Voice search is becoming more popular, so make sure your website is optimized for it by including long-tail keywords and natural language.
  8. Use structured data markup: Use structured data code to help search engines understand the content on your website and display it in a more informative way in the search results.
  9. Make sure your website is fast and secure: Speed and security are important ranking factors for Google, so make sure your website is optimized for both.
  10. Keep up-to-date with Google's algorithm updates: SEO is constantly changing, so stay informed about the latest updates and adjust your strategy accordingly.


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