Check Resources that are loaded during full Page request until DOM Load event fires! Analyze Page Load Waterfall Online.


test page waterfall requests - extract loaded resources

Current tool helps you to exactly reproduce GoogleBot experience during page request/load procedure, and see the page load waterfall in a static list with details of HTTP headers of each loaded resource.

In other words the tool shows you the exact order of the resources requested by the Googlebot during crawling of your site pages.

Since recently Googlebot uses server-side version of the Chrome Browser engine.

WATERFALL CHART tool allows you to reproduce the same request flow and resource load order (sequence) as Evergreen Googlebot would do.

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How does the system work?

When you submit a URL for testing, our system will request a page from the hosting server and collect all resources that are loaded before the DOM Load event fires.

The scenario allows you to know how exactly Googlebot crawler will be requesting and receiving page resources (without any browser cache) which are important for building of the main content of the page, in other words the first meaningful content of the requested page.

Among the useful data that is generated in the reports by our tool you will get the size of each requested resource and all HTTP headers sent by the responding server. This will help you know which resource has critical size and may affect page load speed.

Our Page Resource Load Analyzer will add valuable information to your technical SEO audits due to its fast processing and report delivery.

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