Free SEO Tools Online

Free SEO Tools Online

You can learn a lot about the state of SEO on any site without even looking at Search Console or other SEO tools. Whatever you're doing, whether it's analyzing a new client's site or analyzing marketing prospects, you can use one of the many free SEO tools. Below is a list of what I think are the best programs and extensions that will make your SEO report or presentation even clearer and more informative.

1. Check Server Response Status Tool

free seo redirect checker

Provides data on server response status of the given URL, by delivering all technical details of the request like the HTTP headers and redirect chains catching both 302 and 301 redirect codes. 301 Redirection is used to provide permanent redirection from irrelevant domain address or a URL address of a separate page to the current address of the relevant content. Redirects may be required in case of a global migration of the site to another domain, or technical changes in the website's routing system, removal of pages, change in internal and outbound linking. One of the options for using of the permanent redirects - redirection from multiple CCTLDs to one main domain. Proper redirects allow you to move content without any losses of your relevant organic traffic, keep and even increase the previous search engine rankings.

2. Check Page Resources Request Flow

free SEO page load waterfall checker

Delivers details of the page resources request flow during initial page load. The tool provides 100% details of the page load requests run by the new Googlebot Evergreen environment by executing Chrome browser engine server-side.
Current resource load checker tool extracts the most important information about each request triggered during the page load, such as server response status code, response headers and the size of the requested resources. For most sites, page load process involves dozens of external resources, and most of the loading time is spent on various HTTP requests for images, JavaScript files and style files. AJAX may help, but speeding up or removing those HTTP requests may be much more helpful, although there is no common approach on how to achieve it. Reduce the size of HTTP requests. Often cookies are set for the entire domain, or even for all subdomains, which means that they will be sent by the browser even when you request every single picture from your site. This can turn a 400-byte response with a picture into 1000 bytes or more, depending on the added cookie headers.

3. Parse Source and Rendered HTML Head Elements

free HTML head section parser

HTML Parser tool extracts the two versions of the HTML < Head > section: from the source HTML document and from the rendered DOM (i.e. Browser Elements section).
The Information delivered by the HTML Parser tool shows all the HTML elements that are served to the GoogleBot in the initial source HTML document of a page as well as the final rendered version of the HTML.
This free SEO tool helps to identify whether there is different information provided for the same HTML elements in both code versions that may confuse the search engines. Document Object Model (DOM) is a collection of nodes or pieces of information organized in a hierarchy. This hierarchy allows the developer to move through the tree in search of the desired information. Structure analysis usually requires that a complete document be loaded and the hierarchy be built before work begins. Because DOM is based on a hierarchy of information it is called tree-based or object-based.

4. Search Engine Result Snippet Previewer

free Google serp preview tool 2023

With the help of this free SEO tool you can preview how your meta tags (like Meta Title and Meta Description along with the page URl) will look on Google Search Engine Results Page.
This SEO tool includes such useful options like: measuring of the text length of the meta tags that you are building and optimizing in order to as well as an ability to export an EXCEL file with all the meta tags that you created. The free SEO tool is very useful for Digital agencies due to effective saving of the time during building on-page optimization strategies. If you want to understand how your content will appear in search results, then SEO-TOOLS.PRO SERP Preview tool is your best choice. Simply enter the title, meta description, page address and keywords for which your entry or page is optimized, and see the results right away.

5. Check All Domains Hosted on the Current Server

free SEO hosting checker - check other domains hosted on the server

This free SEO tool allows to find out what are the other sites residing on the same web-hosting with the provided/checked domain. By knowing how many sites are hosted with your domain you may assume whether your site low speed can be caused by the overloaded hosting.
Reveal undesired hosting neighbours in order to eliminate any domain authority/reputation issues in the eyes if Google.

6. Run Free DNS Lookup Online to Check the DNS Records

free SEO DNS checker tool

The DNS is the base of the Internet. Just as an address helps us avoid using geographic coordinates, a domain name frees us from having to remember IP addresses. Each domain is mapped to an IP address. For example, when you type into your browser address bar, your ISP queries the name servers associated with that domain. Without DNS, you would have to type something like to get to the site. The process of finding and determining what IP belongs to a particular website (domain) is called a DNS lookup. Thus, before you can browse and download all resources in your browser, you must perform a DNS lookup for each domain that provides information on the page. Find out DNS records of your domain with a free SEO check on …

7. Check IP Geolocation Online:

free IP Geolocation tool

Identify whether the provided IP address is valid and resolves successfully, as well as the details of the IP location such as country, region, city, zip-code, geographic latitude and longitude, time zone and the organization that owns the IP address.
The tool is useful for analyzing of the hosting location details. SEO-TOOLS.PRO Geo IP service allows you to check the geographic location of any IP address. If you go to this page from and provide an IP address it will display its geolocation: country, city, region and coordinates on a map. You can also type in any valid IP address and locate the computer or server it belongs to. Please note that you can only get the location by IP with the accuracy of the city. If you want to find out who owns the IP address of a particular web resource, use the WhoIs service. You can use it to find out whose IP address it is and who owns the site. However, please note that this information may be protected by privacy settings.

8. Check Domain IP History

free IP history checker

Domain IP History checker allows you to see how many IP addresses were previously used by the given domain name. Data delivered by this SEO research tool may help you for different SEO investigations that you may often run for your clients either during building your own PBNs. For these and other SEO purposes you might want to know the IP history if any domain, we offer you a free option with quality results. Our free service allows you to find IP addresses of any site (in any domain zone) that ever belonged to the site. An IP address is a unique address, much like a phone number, which is used by machines (usually computers and servers) to communicate to each other when they retrieve information over the Internet or a local network using the Internet Protocol (IP). This allows the machines that are sending the information to know where I am sending it, and the machines receiving the information to know that it is coming from the desired location.

9. Dynamic Rendering in SEO

free Javascript Dynamic Rendering Tool by SEO-TOOLS.PRO

Google have made publicly available instructions on Dynamic Rendering - a modern technology to simplify the scanning and ranking of Java script pages.

Our Tool provides you a free testing option which enables you to render you JS pages as Evergreen GoogleBot with a detailed guide of how dynamic rendering works in SEO.

Our free Javascript Dynamic Rendering Tool allows to generate and serve Google a proper HTML version of the page, while the visitors of the resource will be able to see the Java Script version. Use of such tools is important for all Javascript websites.

10. Free SEO Link Checker Tool

Free SEO Link Checker Tool by SEO-TOOLS.PRO

The tool was designed to automatically check external backlinks from all referring sites.

For each detected link the tools provide data about: the URL of the linking page, the linked URL itself, link score, the anchor texts, dofollow or nofollow status, type of the linked element. SEO Score is a numerical expression of the results of the algorithm. The higher the index, the more strong the link is.

Our Free SEO Link Checker Tool show the quality of the current backlinks, help to monitor the work of performers to place links and noticeable place in the toolkit linkbuilder.

SEO-TOOLS.PRO is an open-source, free all in one SEO pack for experienced SEO experts and SEO beginners that can help run advanced technical SEO checks and build better SEO strategies improving Googlebot experience.

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