IP Geolocation Tool - Matching of a Host IP address to the exact Geographical Location (IP-based Geolocation lookup)


IP Geographic location data check

This tool allows you to reveal the geographic location of any provided IP address that you may require for your SEO checks and investigations.

For example: you are checking certain requesting IPs from the server-logs of your web-site to verify the region from which the request had been sent to the server, or you may want to check hosting location of any domain on the Internet.

You may also need to check the location and geographical coordinates of the ISP of the given IP Range - all relevant data can be extracted with the help of our tool.

Ipinfo that can be extracted by our tool is: IP-to-Country, IP-to-Region, IP-to-City, ZIP code, Longitude, Latitude, ISP holding given IP, organization owning the IP address and the time zone. Run a full Domain IP History Check free!

Detect geographical location of website using a free by IP Location Finder.

How the tool works:

In order to extract the data for you your requests we use IP-based Geolocation database that is processed by our system through NODE JS DNS libraries.

Access to huge external DNS databases allows us to run proper matching of the requested IP addresses to the correct geographical location and deliver precise processed data.

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