Free Backlink Checker Tool

Free Competitor Backlink Checker

The importance of backlinks in SEO can't be overestimated. Having the opportunity to check competitors' profiles for free allows you to save the budget for SEO tools and get more ideas about how to build effective off-site optimization campaigns. Since this is a very important and popular questio for all SEOs we've built this free backlink checker tool and sharing it with the community. Our tools collects data from other existing Competitor Backlink Checker Tools and provides data in a easy to analize format.

Free Backlink Checker Tool

What is a quality backlink?

To begin with we should first understand what a quality link is. To know exactly why we need it.

A Good backlink has following features:

Where do I get good ideas for my off-site SEO strategy:

Almost every business topic has its own directories. You can find competitors backlinks free or use paid tools.

You can find a number of these sites where you can register, make a description and leave a backlink to the resource being promoted.

It is also worth checking the topic and the content of the sites that are hosted on the same server with your domain for SEO purposes. It is generally not recommended to have sites with undesired content as your hosting neighbors.

There are many ways to get backlinks to promote an English website on Google.

The main thing is to constantly analyze your current progress, check all backlinks that are indexed, and try new options and directions. Then there will be more ideas about where and how to place backlinks.

Analyze what the problem is in your niche. Try to solve it with a small free product.

Check our free Competitor Backlink Checker and Domain IP History tools!

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