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SERP Preview Tool: Desktop and Mobile SERP Preview

About Google SERP Preview Tool (Simulator)

SERP Preview Tool is a special SEO instrument for previewing of your web pages in Google Search Results. Our free online SERP simulator allows you to view the whole snippet including: the URL, title tag, and meta description as they would appear in the Google search results. This tool will help you improve on-page SEO and CTR.

The SERP simulator is a great helper for improving SEO. It has been observed that if the meta description matches the search term, Google Search will usually display bold terms in the meta description. To see a more complete look and feel of your site, you can add SERP features such as date, star rating, on top of the results.

You need to make sure that the title and description stand out from the crowd. The SERP Simulator allows you to optimize your title tags, URLs, and meta descriptions for the Mobile SERP Preview as you write them. We can improve the meta description by adding keywords.

Our SERP Preview Tool will help you save your time. Use this tool to create best snippets with title tags and meta descriptions that improve the CTR.

What is a SERP Snippet?

SERP Snippet - consisting of a SERP Title and SERP Description texts, showing how your web page looks in the Search Engine results. By visualizing a preview of a list of search results, you can create page titles and meta descriptions that can grab users' attention and match search queries. Using this tool will help you increase your organic search traffic.

What is a SERP Snippet in SEO?

What is а Мeta Title?

Meta Title tag is the title of the page in the browser, which is displayed in the search engine results. Meta Title tag is taken into account by the search engine when ranking sites, is considered the main indicator of determining the relevance of pages to search queries.

What is а Мeta Title?

How do you write a good Мeta Title?

  1. Title on the page in the code should be specified on a mandatory basis;
  2. The optimal size of the title should be from 60 to 70 characters;
  3. Writing the name of the site in the title is not required, as search engines take into account the name of the domain;
  4. The title should contain search queries relevant to the content of the page;
  5. High-frequency queries should be written in the beginning of the title;
  6. In the code of the page title should be placed in the HEAD section;
  7. Repetition of the same title tag on two different pages is unacceptable;
  8. It is not recommended to use the same word more than once.
  9. Analyze each snippet with our Google SERP Preview Tool

What is a Meta Description?

Meta Description - a brief description of the page in the browser, which is displayed under the title meta tag in the search engine results, but on the site page it is not visible to visitors.

What is а Мeta Description?

How do you write a good Мeta Description?

  1. The length of the description meta tag should not exceed 300 characters, the optimal size is 160-290 characters;
  2. Proper meta tag description should contain keywords that relate to this page;
  3. High-frequency keywords in the beginning, avoid repetition of the same word;
  4. Description description should be in the form of a sellable and concise ad that will give the user the meaning of the page;
  5. On each page of the meta description tag should be unique, it can not be repeated on other pages of the site;
  6. Meta title and description tags should be different from each other - analyze each snippet with our Google SERP Preview Tool
  7. Use calls to action, as well as show your advantages and be silent about the disadvantages.

What is Google snippet preview?

Google snippet preview or Google SERP preview - is a preliminary check of how Meta Title an Meta Description texts would look in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) snippet. In other words this is a process of finding the best looking snippet (SERP Title and SERP Description) for your site pages that would help for the higher CTR (Click Through Rate). You can see how you site pages will look on Google search results before Google has indexed those pages. For this purpose professional SEO Experts use a SERP Snippet optimization tool, also called SERP Snippet simulator. Check tool for free!


  1. To create best SERP snippets and properly optimize the meta title and description tags it is necessary to run a good keyword research;
  2. The length of the meta title text should be - 60-70 characters, of the description - 160-290 characters;
  3. Meta-tags should be unique for each page of the site;
  4. You should use the synonymic variations of the words related to the topic of each site page;
  5. Make them laconic - short, informative and easy to understand from the first glance;

A free time saving Mobile SERP Preview Tool for SEO Agencies and Freelance SEO Experts.

This tool will be helpful for any SEO expert or agency that have a tough schedule and a lot of daily SEO work with different sites by saving a lot of precious time and energy from doing routine optimization of the Meta Title and Description texts using Excel tables.

It is a popular practice in the SEO industry to experiment with the Meta Titles and Descriptions to achieve better results on Google organic listings. Sometimes you may want to change smth small and sometimes may need to completely change the keywords and phrase positioning in the Meta Titles & Descriptions texts. Doing all this in a Excel sheet every time may take you hours and even more, depending on your daily work load.

With the help of our Google SERP Preview Tool you can save a great deal of time by editing the Meta Texts directly in the browser and finally downloading a complete list of all optimized texts in a automatically generated Excel file.

Check out our Free online Google SERP Preview Tool and generate your reports for great SEO work!

How do I check my SERP?

Our SERP Preview tool is very simple in use - In order to prepare a great mock-up of the Meta tags for your site, do the following steps in the special SERP Preview form:

Mobile Serp Preview Tools, Google SERP Simulator

How to optimize your SERP Snippet for Google?

To create the best snippet for Google, use keywords, special characters and Emoji in the descriptions. To preview the snippet (snippet preview), write:

What is a Rich Snippet?

A Rich Snippet (or Featured snippet, zero SERP position) is a position element that displays the answer to the user's query above the search results in a specially designed block. There are four types of advanced snippet - definition, checklist, answer to a given question or table. The length of the answer can be quite short - one or two sentences.

Google follows certain principles in selecting highlighted descriptions and focuses on the "exact match of the question" in the content and the presence of the answer in the text.

What is a Rich Snippet?


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