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Why HTTP Redirects Matter for SEO?

As a SEO expert quite often you might need to check the redirect trace of URLs.

For small sites it’s pretty much straightforward to arrange redirection of old URLs to new more relevant location. Most of the small sites run on Wordpress CMS and support either some Redirect plugin or can handle required redirect setups straight in the .htaccess file, which is responsible for certain routing logic.

However, when the web-site is big and has dynamic system that creates new pages and handles old expired ones you may need to be sure that a big number of pages under certain category of goods on your e-commerce site or certain news category linked in news the RSS Feed or sitemap gets redirected with 301 server status code and properly informs crawlers to pass the page rank to the new location without any issues that might confuse the search engines and take precious time.

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It is important to differentiate server-side redirects and JS redirects. JS redirects may not always be followed even by the new Evergreen GoogleBot. So, the most reliable and SEO friendly solution would always be a server-side permanent 301 redirect for pages that should be forwarded “forever” and a temporary 302 redirection in case the URL will be available again in the future.

How does it work?

We offer a free solution that will help you see the full redirect chain of any URL that forwards the initial request to another location. Once you request a redirect check of any URl the system will automatically follow all the steps in the forward path regardless of their quantity/number.

End of the redirect check will happen when the system hits any server response code other than 301, 302, 303, 307, 308 HTTP status.

Every step in the chain is reported with all HTTP status details like server HTTP headers that will provide you with full information about how every redirected resource in the path is processed by the response server.

Check HTTP Server Response Codes online with our Redirect checker.

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